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Internationales Abitur (IB)


Seit 1997 bietet unsere Schule die Möglichkeit, das IB Diploma als zusätzliche Qualifikation zum deutschen Abitur zu erwerben. In der Jahrgangsstufen Q1 und Q2 erfolgt der Unterricht sowohl nach dem deutschen Curriculum als auch nach den IB-Richtlinien. Zusätzlich wird in den Fächern Geschichte, Mathematik und entweder Biologie, Physik oder Chemie Unterricht in englischer Sprache erteilt. Teil des IB Diploma Programms ist auch die Ausarbeitung von fachspezifischen Aufgaben in allen IB Fächern sowie das Engagement im sozialen, künstlerischen und sportlichen Bereich.




IB Lunch

It's definitely worth a try.

At the end of the school semester of 2016 some of the IB students from eleventh grade and future IB students from tenth grade gathered in the room A112 for a lunch and an exchange of experiences with the IB program and advice. Around twenty students were present at this third IB lunch meeting, along with two IB teachers: Mrs Kubern and Mrs Nagel.

At first, everyone introduced themselves by sharing their name, their motivation and their expectations concerning the International Baccalaureate. We, as future IB students, were encouraged to ask questions about higher level subjects, exams and papers, classes in English, the CAS program and the Extended Essays. Later on, former IB students who had finished their exams earlier that year payed us a visit to talk about their experiences. It was the very day they received their final results from the IB diploma, so we were the first to share their joy, pride and relief about the successful completion of the program.

The main message that was delivered to us was that IB is definitely worth a try. According to everybody who is or had been part of the IB program, the end result was so beneficial to them that they guaranteed we would not regret our choice to put so much time and effort into our education. This is an extremely rare and unique opportunity and it would be a shame not to take it.

N.B.: IB lunch takes place every semester and will be announced by your IB teachers.

IB News

IB News


Wer hat die besten Ideen?

Unser letzter IB Lunch am 30. November 2016 stand ganz im Zeichen von CAS, einem verpflichtenden Bestandteil des IB-Programms, in dem sich IB Schülerinnen und Schüler kreativ, sportlich und sozial engagieren.

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler aus beiden IB-Jahrgängen tauschten ihre besten CAS-Ideen aus. Das Ergebnis zeigen "December's CAS TOP 10".

Der von Tikva und Nina (beide Q2) erfolgreich geplante, minutiös vorbereitete und exzellent inzenierte Poetry Slam war sicherlich eines der Highlights in der Geschichte des IB CAS Engagements.

Danke für all eure Ideen und das liebevolle und erfolgreiche Engagement!

Entspanntes Lernen mit der IB family

"Food for thought" auf dem Aremberg

The reflective student

CAS revisited

In one of our work sessions at the IB weekend 2018 in January, we were concerned with CAS and particularly the role of reflection in CAS. In small groups, we worked at building a reflective student and created visuals drawing upon both our analytical and creative thinking in a fun interchange. The results of our work session can be found here.