The School’s Annual Trip to Scotland

The School’s Annual Trip to Scotland

From April 11th to April 17th, the 7d, 13 mentors and our bus driver Sandra spent a wonderful week with Mrs. Baier and Mrs. Block in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

As mentors, it was our job to assist the teachers while also being the go-to guys for the students.

After the short appearance of the Q2 in the context of the Abigag and the usual discussion where to sit on the bus, we departed to Newcastle. There, we transferred to the ferry, where we would spend the night.

The next morning, it was only a short bus ride to Scotland. Arriving in Edinburgh, we had a very interesting and amusing guided tour to get an overview of the city. 

On Saturday, we explored the Royal Mile and the Castle, where we had the opportunity to look at the Honours of Scotland and many other things.

Later, the students had time to get to know the city in small groups by taking part in a rallye, while the mentors could walk around by themselves. The same day, we went to the National Museum of Scotland, which was completely different from most museums and had lots of fun interactive stations to offer.

The following day, we drove around visiting Aberfoyle to watch a sheep show, the Kelpis and Loch Lomond, where one of us even dared to dip his feet into the water.

On Monday morning, we had the opportunity to visit Inverkeithing High School. Each student was paired up with a local and went to class with his or her partner. We received an incredibly interesting impression of the daily life of the Scottish pupils and met a lot of nice, welcoming people. Later, we visited the Silver Sands Beach where we were able to eat lunch while looking across the water. In the afternoon, we paid a visit to the Firth of Forth Bridge(s), a UNESCO World Heritage.

The next day, it was time to say goodbye to Edinburgh. However, there was a huge delicious dinner waiting for us on the ferry with every type of food imaginable – a great ending!

The whole trip was a wonderful experience for students and mentors. We discovered and learned many new things and had a lot of fun playing pool and cards in the evenings. A huge thank you to Sandra for driving us safely around Scotland and of course to Mrs. Baier and Mrs. Block for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing trip.

Benjamin Holin, Q1